At EasyTranslate you will always get absolutely first-class quality. Our professional translators are Hand-picked on the basis of their industry knowledge and target language, which means that you will get a precise translation adapted to your line of business and market.

Each of your translation assignments will get your own project manager who has the overall responsibility for that particular assignment. We accept and work in all file formats and deliver finished translations in the same format as the original files.

Our professional translators have access to the latest translation tools and software. This assures coherent terminology, precision and quality as well as reducing the time it takes to do the job. In addition to this, you get a terminology dictionary to ensure consistency in your translations and terminology in the future.

We guarantee:

  • Translation to/from all languages
  • Professional translators who are specialists in your field of work
  • Your own team of translators in our backend system
  • A regular project manager on all of your translation assignments
  • A terminology dictionary prepared in collaboration with you
  • Insight into your translators' CVs.
  • All material will be handled in the strictest confidence

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  • EasyTranslate translates several millions of words for our clients every year

  • EasyTranslate employs several hundred translators every year

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